All You Need to Know About Portrait Tattoos

You’ve probably seen someone with a portrait tattoo, either online or in real life. People often get them done to commemorate someone they hold dear or admire—family members, friends, pets, and celebrities. These types of tattoos require a very high level of artistic skill. If you have ever tried to create a portrait on flat surfaces like paper, canvas, or panels, you will know that it is not exactly easy to execute an accurate representation of a person or an animal. It is even trickier to get the realism right in a tattoo, given the contours of the body.

Further, the kind of perfection and attention that you will see in the work of the best portrait tattoo artist in Miami is not likely to be replicated by anyone else. So, if you decide to ink this type of tattoo, make sure that you get it done by talented and experienced professionals.

It will probably be expensive, and you may have to wait until the tattoo artist has an opening for you; they are often booked months ahead. Further, you may also have to travel to their tattoo parlor to get the portrait done. However, given that you will have the tattoo for the rest of your life, you should be prepared to put yourself out and get the best you can.

Here’s what you should know about getting portrait tattoos:

• You can select a portrait from the tattoo artist’s repertoire, or you can provide them with a picture of what you want. The photo has to be clear and get an eight by five print that is larger than the size of the tattoo.

• You can choose to get a color or a black and white portrait tattoo.

• You can get the portrait tattoos done on your biceps, hands, calves, chest, and back. Just about anywhere, really, but if you’re going to so much trouble, you want to be able to show them off.

• You should be prepared to endure a good amount of pain. It is generally more painful to get tattooed over a bony area than a fleshy one.

• You should exactly follow the aftercare instructions given by the tattoo artist.

• You may have to touch up the tattoo if it fades after some years.

Here’s what you should do before getting a portrait done by the best portrait tattoo artist in Miami:

Executing a portrait tattoo requires a different type of skill than that for other types of tattoos. So, for instance, a tattoo artist who does lettering or intricate designs may not necessarily excel in portraits as well. That is a specialized skill, and you need to find a tattoo artist who can show you a portfolio of past portrait tattoos.

The portfolio should include side by side photos of the reference image and the tattoo for accurate comparisons. Also, it should have photos of the healed tattoo, so you can get an idea of what the final result will look like.

Inquire how long it will take to do the tattoo

If you want a very detailed and realistic portrait tattoo, it might require upwards of ten hours to execute, and you may have to go in for several sessions. Given their experience in creating previous tattoos, the tattooist should be able to give you a rough idea of how long it might take.

Be prepared to let it take as long as it needs, and don’t rush the matter.

Check the tattoo parlor facilities

While the tattooist’s talent is important, it is equally vital to get the tattoo done in a clean environment to reduce the risk of infections. So, when you visit the tattoo parlor, check how well-maintained it is and how clean the bathroom is. Also, check if they use new needles. If they don’t and the place is grimy, find another parlor. Don’t risk ending up sick.

Getting a portrait tattoo by the best portrait tattoo artist in Miami will be one of the important decisions you will make regarding your body. A tattoo is forever, remember. So, take your time and select a portrait you can live with for a long time.