Amazing Reasons to opt for Laser Tattoo Removal

laser tattoo removal

The popularity of laser tattoo removal is not abating any time soon. With the option to remove tattoos, people are now getting tattoos without thinking twice about the designs or the reasons. People also have genuine reasons for wanting to remove their tattoos. They outgrow a design they got in their youth or they no longer feel sentimental for the inked pattern. Reasons notwithstanding; laser treatments can come in handy if you wish to remove a tattoo.

Here are the amazing reasons to opt for laser tattoo removal.


Laser tattoo removal actually works. It can effectively remove all traces of tattoos. The technology has also improved over the years. Earlier, it was not possible to remove all colors using lasers. It was tough removing tattoos containing greens and blues. Older lasers didn’t work on bright fluorescent hues too. But now, you can use lasers to remove any kind of tattoo.

The treatment involves the use of laser beams to target tattoo ink. The colors begin to dissolve and get absorbed in the skin. Overtime, the body will process the ink out of the body.

Laser treatment is done over a period of time and includes multiple sessions. The gap between each session gives the skin the time to heal and recover.

You can remove small tattoos with only 10 minutes per session. Yes, this amount of short time per session is enough to remove tiny tattoos.


Laser tattoo removal is a safe procedure. Needless to say, it needs to be performed by qualified and licensed doctors. Other tattoo removal procedures such as excision or dermabrasion can be risky procedures. Only Tattoo Vanish is one other procedure that is completely safe for tattoo removal when performed by trained technicians.

Laser technology has become safer over the years. There are fewer side effects from the procedure. With old laser technology, there was the risk of skin burning or irritation. Scarring was also possible due to the treatment. But nowadays, there are no such risks with laser treatments. Laser technologies are also approved by the FDA before they can be used. It adds another safety measure to the treatment.

Laser lights penetrate well into the skin; working effectively on dissolving the ink without any risks. The lasers don’t target the surrounding skin. The skin in the vicinity of the tattoo is safe from any harm. Laser technologies, especially the latest ones, are precise. They effectively reach the target area without any damage to the skin or other body parts.

Recovery time is also minimal with lasers. If any redness appears on the skin post the treatment, it quickly subsides on its own. You can also resume your daily routine right after your session ends. The only precaution is to protect the treated area from direct sunlight. Your doctor will tell you if any other precautions will be required. But all such precautions are doable and hassle-free.

Works on all Skin Types and Colors

Laser technology for tattoo removal is effective for all skin types and colors. Some cosmetic treatments work well on specific skin types and colors only. But such is not the case with laser technology. It can remove tattoos on any type of skin.

Useful for All Sizes of Tattoos

Lasers work for tattoos of all sizes. You can even remove parts of a larger tattoo using laser treatments. Lasers can cover large areas of the body. So, you can remove even tattoos covering your entire arms, legs, and torso using lasers.

Relatively Painless

Laser treatments are done after numbing the skin. So, you will not feel much pain during the treatment. It won’t be entirely painless. But with the right numbing products, it will become tolerable. For this reason, too, it is important to choose qualified doctors for the treatment. The doctor will use a topical agent to numb the area to be treated.

Newer lasers reach the tattoo ink faster. So, there is relatively less pain for the person on the other end. Older laser technology used to be more painful. Those were slow and hence more painful. But innovation in this regard has paved the way for more comfortable laser tattoo removal treatments.