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Three Tips to Keep Creativity Flowing

Imaginary and fiction characters such as superman, spider man and the recent Harry potter have created ripples all over the world, not just attracting the infants and kindergarten kids, but making people of all ages, genders wait anxiously and eagerly for the release of the next book or movie based Read More

Is Creativity Essential for Business?

Any dictionary will describe creativity as “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something”, however in the practical world, the meaning of creativity changes with the field it is applied in. The concept of creativity has many dimensions. You might not generate Read More

How to Maximize Your Creative Ability?

The creativity courses enable and assist people to recover and enlarge the horizons of their creative thinking. Taking you further on the road of innovation, development and uniqueness, the creative courses, use very simple & effective tools and methodologies of creative writing, journal, and Read More

Exploring Creativity: Gain Great Benefits from Creative Arts Workshop

Why go for a creative arts workshop? What can you learn from them? Can creativity be taught? The fact is that some people are born with a paintbrush and are instinctively creative and artistic, while others have to work for it. It does not matter which category you fall into, a formal creative writing Read More

The Benefits of Creative Training

Everyone hears about thinking outside of the box. It can be a tough thing to do: after all, our modes of thought are fairly well ingrained when we enter the workplace, and opening up new channels and ways of thinking may be a hard task for some people. This is not a bad thing. For many, a job may Read More

Strategies on How to Overcome Writer’s Block

How to overcome writer’s block can be a tough thing to do, especially because every writer is unique. The causes of writers block are as varied as the ways to form a sentence, just like the cures. Every writer faces a blockage at some point in their career, and they all need to know about how to Read More