Creative Writing – 3 Key Steps to Get Started in Creative Writing Today

Whether you indulge in creative writing as a hobby or profession, it is sure to nurture your inner self. The thing is creative writing takes you closer to your true self. You are most honest to yourself when you write. Your mind freely flows into what Wordsworth have called, “a spontaneous overflow of emotions”. The true emotions which are veiled by various desires become clearer. Creative writing helps you to discover area of your interest, and further work towards it, by subconsciously generating ideas and opinions.

Actually, every person in this world, irrespective of the origin, ethnicity or nationality, is driven by an impalpable creative force. This force is enlivening, enlightening and passion-driven. A person, who recognizes his creativity, by carefully discarding blockages and constraints, reaches a position where he is truly guided by his life’s purpose. This force makes him indulge in the area of interest and surpass all the monotony of life. However, the shackles of various materialist desires like money, recognition and pride, sometimes causes our creativity to take a back seat. So, what can we do to awaken our creative self and excel in the field of creative writing?

Exercising creativity can be broken down into a three step process – Recognize, Analyze and Act.

1.  Recognize your Inner Creativity

What we generally don’t do is spend time with ourselves. We are always busy with one thing or another. So, to begin the creative process, first thing you should do is sit in a room by yourself and think. Focus all your energy on your thoughts; stimulate your mind and body to tap your creative potential. Once you start focusing on your subconscious, plenty of innovative thoughts would cross your mind. The problem is our conscious mind accepts day-to-day tasks mechanically but does not pay attention to the creative callings of the subconscious. Once you exercise your subconscious thoughts, you will be able to open the doors of creativity and take the first step in the field of creative writing.

2.  Analyze Your Creative Abilities

Every person is capable of creativity. Oxford dictionary describes creativity as a process in which you ‘use imagination or original ideas to create something’. In case of creative writing, it will be a write-up, blog, article or a novel. Every person has the ability to express himself, but to do it in an interesting and imaginative manner is an art. Using right words at the right place, making them meaningful as well as appealing to the reader, is a tricky process. To learn this art of creative writing, it is vital that you recognize the weaknesses in your writing style. These weaknesses could be lack of expressiveness, articulation, structure-framing or delivery. The easiest and the best way to identify your faults is by going through your earlier write-ups and jotting down all the flaws that you discover. Once you have identified your weak points, working upon them and turning them into your strength will be the next step.

3.  Act for Enhancing Your Creative Skills

Many of us have creative skills and also the will to work on them, but are not facilitated with measures and facilities. Often, you may also come across a writer’s block. This block stops your creative skills to become functional. This can be very frustrating and you might lose patience and courage. But that won’t help; what will help is doing something about it!

This boulder, blocking your creativity, can be pushed away by engaging in various social activities, surrounded yourself with creative people, reading motivational blogs or books and if nothing works, then by joining a creative writing workshop. A creative class is an innovative new set-up for those who are in search of newer sources of inspiration. These workshops help in building creativity and engage the participants in various practical projects, like art photography, automated writing, creative interactions and group exercises. Here are some of the benefits of joining creative writing workshops:

•  Discover easy methods to exercise creativity, ignite imagination and learn innovative thinking.

•  Overcome artistic blocks and stop the habit of self-criticism and over-thinking.

•  Learn to get inspirational ideas amidst the mundane surroundings.

•  Rectify your flaws and learn new writing techniques.

Creative workshops are a ready-made solution to tinker your creative talent. Join these classes and embrace your creative calling and automatically enjoy the work you do. They will help you excel at your profession and balance the desires of mind and requirements of life.