Few Creative Ways in Smoking Weed

how to smoke weed

If you have never used marijuana yet, you may wonder how to smoke weed. It’s not complicated, but it may surprise you how many different ways there are to smoke weed. Whichever you choose, you will need to know how to inhale properly. Just holding the smoke in your mouth and releasing it will not have any effect.

You will need to inhale it deep in your lungs. Take a slow deep breath while inhaling and let the smoke travel slowly down your windpipe and into your lungs. Hold it in for a few seconds and then exhale. You don’t need to hold the smoke in for a long duration. Make sure that you don’t swallow the smoke, or you will end up with an upset stomach. It could even cause vomiting or smoke burps.

Ways of smoking weed:

Here’s how to smoke weed whether you are a new or seasoned user:

Smoking a joint

Roll a joint and light the larger end, and put the smaller end in your mouth. Rest it on your lips. It’s best not to place it too deep into your mouth as it will get wet with saliva and will not smoke well. To light the end, roast it by holding the flame under it. Rotate the joint as you heat it. As the joint gets small, it is known as roach. You can save it to make another joint. These are known as generational joints.

Smoking a blunt

Blunts are larger than joints, last longer, and are, therefore, more suitable than them for social smoking in groups. They are made using tobacco papers and contain nicotine, unlike the hemp and rice joints. Rolling a blunt can be trickier than rolling a joint, but the method of smoking is the same.

Smoking a pipe

Glass pipes, which are available in a range of colors and shapes, are very popular for smoking weed. You start by shredding the weed with your fingers or with a grinder into medium coarseness. Then you pack it into the bowl of the pipe. Next, place your thumb on its carb hole, light the bowl, and let the pipe interior fill with smoke. Release your finger from over the carb hole, let in the fresh air, and inhale the smoke from the pipe mouthpiece in small draws. Continue smoking in this manner until the weed turns to ash.

Smoking a bong

Bongs look complicated, but they are not that different than glass pipes. They also have a bowl into which you pack in the weed. They are bigger, though, which makes them less convenient if you are looking for something portable, and they contain water. And instead of pressing your thumb over the carb hole as you would with a pipe, you need to remove the entire bowl to achieve the same effect.

Many marijuana users prefer bongs to pipes, joints, or blunts as the water chamber feature produces a markedly different experience. Since the water cools down the smoke before you inhale it, you will have a smoother smoking experience. There will be fewer instances of getting the burning throat sensation that weed smokers often get from smoking joints, blunts, or pipes.

Smoking a bubbler

Like a bong, a bubbler has a water chamber and uses it to cool the marijuana smoke. It is smaller in size, though, and that makes it more portable than a bong. Many bubblers are of glass, however, and you will have to handle them with care.

Smoking a hookah

A hookah consists of a bowl on top of a water chamber and may have one or more pipes for smoking. You pack the weed into the hookah bowl, cover it with a foil, place coals over the foil, and light the coals. The smoke rising from the heated marijuana passes through the water chamber, and you can inhale it through the pipe.

Smoking an e-cigarette

An e-cigarette is also known as a vape pen, and you can smoke it by heating a cannabinoid oil in it until the oil vaporizes. You can then inhale the vapor. E-cigarettes are convenient as you can reuse them, and you can also get a flavorful, enjoyable experience.