Four Points to Keep in Mind When Looking for the Best Tattoo Artist

Have you ever made up your mind to get a tattoo and then realized you have absolutely NO CLUE where to begin? This isn’t shocking since the mere depth of information on the internet about tattoos in itself is overwhelming enough to make you want to go back into hiding.

This article can help you make the right choice by following four simple but crucial steps.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that a tattoo is permanent and it can be very risky if in the hands of the wrong person. Not only would you be marked unsatisfactorily for life, but there are also huge health risks if not done right.

Talk to people you know who have tattoos, find out what kind of research they did before getting a tattoo and how their experiences were. A review from someone you know personally is always the best way to make an informed decision. They both care for you and know you and therefore, can give a more appropriate answer.

Whether you know someone with a tattoo or not, do your own research; the internet is a great place to start. There are plenty of social media pages and forums tending to tattoo enthusiasts. Find one that matches your taste and talk to them. For example, you could research tattoo shops in Durham, NC.


If you are someone who wants to really indulge in the tattoo arts, it would be beneficial to attend conventions and tattoo-related public gatherings. These events teach you what the new trends are, who the biggest artists are and what new methods are used in the tattoo art world today. They also give information that could be vital to helping you pick out a good tattoo parlor-straight from the mouths of a professional. Just hanging out with likeminded people will help you get the information you are seeking.


Finding Durham tattoo artists can be tricky, especially since people’s tastes vary. It is important to look up their work online, on websites or social media pages, to see where their expertise lies. Just because they create killer Samoan tattoos does not mean they can perfectly write out your favorite quote. In short, find an artist that best accomplishes your idea of your tattoo. Most tattoo shops in Durham NC and other places do consultations which will give you a chance to meet the artist beforehand and talk out expectations, queries, processes and anything in between. Remember, no question is too stupid to ask, in this situation.


The process does not stop by just finding a tattoo artist you like. You need to vet out their place of work! Tattoo shops in Durham NC always welcome walk-ins. A tattoo is only as sanitary as the equipment used in the process. Make sure the parlor uses sterilized equipment, disposable needles, and gloves while working. The ink should be high-grade to avoid bad rashes and infections as well.

Ask for the establishment and artist’s licenses to ensure they are legitimate. Also, make sure the tattoo artists are sober and fully aware so that they in their complete sense when they work on you.

Tattoos are seen on a very large demographic of humans and tattoo parlors cater to all their needs. It is important that you know who else the parlor tends to and ensure it is a crowd you are comfortable with because chances are you will be spending long hours, most likely even multiple sessions, and for touchups in the future. Do you feel safe in the surroundings and with the people around you?

Find out what the parlor’s infection control procedures are and how much they know and acknowledge post-tattoo care. A tattoo parlor that allows free touchups for a considerable length of time may point to how confident they are in their own work.

It is important to note that tattoos are not cheap, because of the cost of the highly sterilized equipment, high-quality ink and of course, the skill in itself. Therefore, if you see a price that is too good to be true, chances are, it really is too good to be true! Being able to afford tattooing at that low a cost would mean cutting out expenses elsewhere!