How to Choose a Choreographer for Your Quinceanera

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So, you want a nice dance routine for your quinceanera. But you are not a dancer or shy to perform. Perhaps you can dance well but wish to create a choreographed routine for your big day. Perhaps your family or friends (who will form your court at the event) require professional lessons. Whatever your desire; you can hire a choreographer to help you with your dancing requirements.

Here’s how to choose a choreographer for your quinceanera.

Look for a local dance studio.

It is best to hire choreographers from professional schools or studios. Their dancing class plans will be varied and more professional. They also have sufficient experience with different events to help you perform at your best in any event.

Use choreographers for quinceaneras near me as your online search query. These types of searches will reveal results for dance classes, choreographers, or studios specializing in quinceanera choreography.

Online searches will also give you plenty of results, which you can check at your leisure. You won’t have to visit every studio just to assess if it’s right for you. You can first check their websites, peruse details about classes, assess the cost, and then if it works for you; visit the studio. It will save your time and energy.

You can also check client testimonials or online reviews of choreographers or studios before your scheduled meeting with them.

Schedule an in-person visit.

If you like a studio or two (or any choreographer), book a meeting with them. It is best to meet the choreographers with minimum number of people only. It can be just you and your parents or guardians. The more people weigh in about such matter; the confusing it can get for you to make a decision.

First, ask them about their training and experience with choreographing quinceanera events. You will also need to know how proficient they are in the dance style of their specialization.

During the meeting, see if you are comfortable with the choreographer. Are you OK with their demeanor? Do you feel they are taking an active interest in the job? Are they asking the right questions about the event and your requirements? A good choreographer will always ask details such as your proficiency level and the proficiency of other members who also wish to participate in the dance routine. They will ask you about your vision for the event.

Such assessment will help you determine if the choreograph is right for you. If you feel so, ask them about their availability. If they are available for the dates, find out how many classes may be ideal to learn the routine. It will help you check if they can devote the time your event needs and also if you (and your group) can devote the required time for the same.

Finalize the details

Now, move to the details. Once all the above information has been determined, move to the nitty-gritty of the selection process.

Inquire about the costs. The hiring of the choreographer will need to be within your event’s budget. Don’t be shy to inquire if there are discounts or holiday offers available at the time you will be booking the choreographer’s services. Don’t forget to ask about the rates of extra practice sessions should you require them.

Inquire if there are sample lessons available before you decide to hire them for the choreography. Not all studios may offer such sessions. But, in most cases, you should be able to pay for one session and see if the choreographer’s teaching style is right for you.

Finalize the location for the practice. Most studios are flexible about the location when it comes to choreographing routines for special events. You can choose to learn at the studio, your house, or any location of your choice.

Finalize the time for the practice. It should suit everyone who is participating in the quinceanera dance routine. It should also work out for the choreographer. You can choose to learn the routine in a short time or the classes can spread over a few weeks. The choice can be yours depending on everyone’s requirements.