How to Make a Style Statement with Body Piercing and Tattoo

The majority of people who go for body piercings and tattoos want to individualize themselves in society. They want to show that they are a little different and don’t have to follow the prevalent norms of the society.

Some people find body piercings and tattoos a great way to get noticed. Body art has had its share of controversies but it is also a fact that it has become quite popular in the last few decades. So, if you have searched the net with the keyword, ‘piercing shops near me’, you are not alone.

With a body piercing or tattoo or both, you can make the desired style statement. If you are going to do it for the first time and feel apprehensive about it, you should be careful. It is your body and body piercings and tattoos are invasive procedures. So you need to think them through. Here is what you should do:

Know what you want

It is not enough to know that you want a piercing or desire a tattoo. You need to be confident about your choice of ink and the piercing. Otherwise, the confidence will not show up in your style statement. Take some time to think about the kind of piercings or tattoos that you want.

In ear piercings alone, there are multiple types such as the traditional earlobe, industrial ragus, conch, helix, anti-helix, etc. Likewise for nose piercings, there are different types such as nostril, high nostril, third eye, septum, etc. When it comes to facial piercings, you can pierce your eyebrows or cheeks. You can have different types of oral piercings like on your tongue, lips, and gums. You can even have different shapes for oral piercings like multi tongue, smiley, shark bites, dolphin bites, tongue web, etc. You can pierce your belly button. So, you need to know what kind of piercing you want and how many.

There are different types of tattoos as well. You may want a traditional American tattoo or a Japanese dragon tattoo. Also, you need to know if you will choose colored ink or black ink. Many people consider a tattoo being the most exciting change that they can make to their physical appearance. But you will need to know what will look good on you.

Choose the right place

There are presently many body art shops in existence. Your search on the net for ‘piercing shops near me’ will provide you with many links. However, it is a difficult task to choose the best body art shop.

Only when body piercings and tattoos are done by experienced artists, you may feel that they have come out okay and are making a unique style statement. As has been discussed, there are many types of piercings and many types of tattoo styles. Not every artist is proficient with all sub-types. You should find out if they can do what you are looking for. Check the portfolio of the artists. Do you like their work? Even if they offer the kind of tattoo you are planning to get, you need to ascertain if you like a specific artist’s style of work.

The benefit of going to a professional body art shop is that there are less chances of infections and disastrous results.

Choose the right jewelry and wear the right clothes

You can find jewelry for body piercings such as pop-ins, twist, and pull-outs, hinged rings, screw-ins, clicker rings, plugs, anchors, nails, bars, etc. You can get jewelry in gold, silver, platinum, and steel. You can even add diamonds and crystals to these jewelry to make them more attractive and stylish.

If you are a caucasian and wear all black outfits, then diamonds and crystals will definitely add to your style.

If you have colorful tattoos on your arms, you can use bright colors for your shirts, t-shirts, and tops. With black ink, almost anything goes.

The idea is to look and feel comfortable. So, that when you go out you don’t feel awkward or low on confidence.

Search the net with the keyword ‘piercing shops near me’ and please do your due diligence before you select the right place.

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