Is Eastman a Good Violin Brand?

The warmth, depth of tone, and even response across all four strings make the Eastman violin an excellent beginner’s violin.

Globally, violin teachers and their students have found the Eastman violins favorably comparable to antique violins, twice their price. Any amateur musician would know how difficult it is to find stringed instruments at comparable prices with the level of quality craftsmanship seen in an Eastman violin.

An Eastman violin is a happy cusp between traditional and modern. While it boasts of a large product line, its workshop operates in a manner akin to the 19th-century European tradition. The Eastman violin is made completely by hand. Right from the use of handheld chisels, knives, and scrapers, to the brushing of the multi-layer varnish, centuries-old European methods come to play to create an Eastman violin. It is not surprising, then that the Eastman violin is an instrument of superior quality available at an attractive price.
While some of the widely loved Eastman violins include the Wilhelm Klier violin and the Rudoulf Doetsch violin, here are some of the other equally astounding violins.

1. Jean-Pierre Lupot Model 501

This model of the Eastman violin is one of the highest quality violins that one can find at an inexpensive cost. Giving excellent warmth and projection, this model gives off dark red wine hues due to the spirit varnish, which is made with a reddish pigment. Overall, the Eastman violin has a look and sound that is on par with instruments that are doubly expensive.

2. Rudoulf Doetsch

Classic, conventional, and elegant, this model features aged European tonewoods, an antique, multi-layered spirit varnish, which is hand-applied. Made in Germany, this Eastman violin presents excellent tonal clarity, projection, and a smooth-playing response.

For passionate, advancing students, here is a high-quality, German workmanship Eastman violin, available at a fraction of the price of an instrument of comparable quality. Here is your violin of choice that will take your music to the next level and beyond.

3. Pietro Lombardi 502

This Eastman violin model has an antiqued multi-layer, golden amber spirit varnish. The aged spruce top flamed maple back and sides and the high-quality ebony fingerboard make the Pietro Lombardi 502 stand out and how!
The precise purfling and the elegant hand-carved scroll of this Eastman violin scream attention to detail as no other violin does.

It is safe to say that the Pietro Lombardi violin is one of the best intermediate violins available. The Lombardi Eastman violin possesses a rich sound across all registers. This, while managing to retain some sparkle in the upper frequencies, providing the perfect balance of warmth and projection. Might one add, the modest price of this Eastman violin.

4. Wilhelm Klier 702

This model of Eastman violin is handmade with fine German tonewoods, spruce, and maple. One can find a warm, crisp tone, in this Eastman violin, which is both powerful and varied. Donning a timeless aesthetic, this model has an ebony fingerboard, hand-inlaid purfling, and European tonewoods varnished with a rich multi-layer honey-colored varnish.

Another great choice for intermediate violinists, The Wilhelm Klier is a classic instrument rooted in the European style. What’s more? It boasts of superior quality comparable to that of the highly-priced models of antique violins of German, French, or Italian-make. Advanced or upper-intermediate players will find an irresistible instrument in the Wilhelm Klier Eastman violin.

The Eastman violin ticks all the boxes of playability, tone and sound, cost, craftsmanship, and setup. Whether you are at the level of a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, the Eastman violin has something for everyone.

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