Microblading Eyebrows – How to Find the Best Artist

Microblading refers to a process of tattooing tiny eyebrow hairs with a needle. It creates an illusion of fuller eyebrows and you can create almost any look with this method including very natural light finish to a beautiful bold eyebrow.

Not every tattoo artist can offer nice microblading eyebrows in Miami though. You should go to a trusted, well-trained, and highly-experienced eyebrow artist to get the look you always wanted. But it’s easier said than done. How would identify the right artist? What parameters do you need to look at? Here are some tips that will make your search easier for microblading eyebrows in Miami artists.

Check the Website

The website of the microblading artist can tell you a lot about the professional. It is much like a resume that you can quickly review to determine whether the artist is right for you. The website may not list all information about the microblading artist though. Some leading microblading artists put limited information on their website. Hence, the website should not be the only source of information you should be looking at.

However, if the artist doesn’t have a website, it’s a red flag. Considering the importance of online promotion, if the artist is not willing to invest in a website or not serious about having one, how much time would the brow expert invest in you?

While checking the website, check the review section where the clients have mentioned their experience in their own words. It can help to determine whether the microblading artist is right for you.

Check Before and After Photos

While checking the website, don’t forget to check the media section. Most microblading artists post before and after pictures of their clients to showcase their work and expertise. However, you need to make sure the photos posted on their website are real ones and not downloaded from the Internet.

It is a common practice to put a logo or some kind of visual branding on the photos to copyright work. You need to look for some distinguishable signs in the photos to ascertain whether the photos posted are genuine ones.

Look at the colors in the “After” images. Does the color look good with the client’s skin tone and hair color? Is the brow’s shape good for the client’s face? Has the microblading work enhanced the look of the client’s face? These are some questions that you need to ask yourself and try to find their answers in the before and after images.

Before you schedule an appointment, read some reviews, and look at the before and after images to choose your artist wisely.

Should Be Well-trained

New techniques and tools are constantly introduced in the market and the microblading artist should be able to use these tools. You can find out how long the microblading artist has been doing the job to get an idea about the experience level of the brow artist.

Health and Safety

A good microblading artist will have the health and safety measures of his clients on top of his/her mind. Since microblading services are largely unregulated, there aren’t any industry norms, safety guidelines laid for practice.

Make sure the artist offering microblading eyebrows in Miami takes proper measures in disinfecting, sterilizing, preventing infection, and avoiding cross-contamination. A good microblading artist will list all health and safety and precautionary measures taken in the studio.

You are more likely to find such information in the FAQ section while some websites may have a special section dedicated to standard health and safety practices.

Post-Care Services

Post-care is important in microblading work. The artist should give detailed aftercare instructions to ensure long-lasting results. Besides explaining aftercare instructions in-person to their clients, leading microblading artists also keep a separate section offering aftercare instructions and tips to their clients.

Find the right artist offering microblading eyebrows in Miami might seem a daunting task but it shouldn’t be. The tips provided here will help you pick good microblading artists so make sure you follow them when searching for the best eyebrow artist.

So do you plan to go for microblading or have you taken the help of any micro-blading artist in Miami before? Do you’ve any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below.