Things You Must Know Before the Tattoo Removal Treatment

In the past decade, tattoos have become incredibly popular and over 40 million Americans have at least one tattoo yet 20 percent of the tattooed individuals regret having. There are various treatment options available for tattoo removal but people are concerned that it is too dangerous, expensive and painful. So to be on the safer side, they just cover up with a crappy tattoo. The best tattoo removal near me can do a great job at covering poor tattoo but if you are willing to remove your tattoo completely, then go for laser treatment. Few things you must know before the tattoo removal treatment that is discussed below.

Setting Expectations

Before you are initiating the process, it is vital to understand that no technique for removal of your tattoo is guaranteed. Set achievable expectations by consulting with an expert. There are tattoos that faded partially after multiple treatments and may leave permanent scarring or a ghost image of your tattoo. So the vital question is – will you opt for a cover-up or left with a partial tattoo or ghost image.

A single treatment will not get the desired result

By now you have realized that multiple treatments are needed. Sadly, during your consultation at the initial stages, the number of sessions cannot be predetermined. Be cautious if your technician is telling that a standard six to ten treatments needed for getting the desired result. That number can change and can be higher. The beast tattoo removal near me will guide you with the right information. Between treatments, downtime is the key factor. Applying treatment again very frequently will increase the risk of side effects like open wounds and skin irritation. Everybody is different but on average, the time between each session is four to six weeks. In a few cases, the recommended time is to wait for eight weeks between treatments.  The time may take longer for patients experiencing other side effects and textual changes.

Location of Tattoo

In most of the cases, location matters. Tattoos generally fade slowly down the legs or arms as they are away from the heart. The closer the tattoo is to your heart, there are better circulation and a better outcome. Areas with bad circulation heal poorly after laser tattoo removal treatment.    

Amateur vs Professional Tattoos

The success of tattoo removals depends mostly on the tattoo itself. How deep the ink is embedded and the colors used are two main considerations. Professional tattoos penetrate deep into the skin at uniform levels that make it very easy for treatment. But, these tattoos are also more saturated with ink and this is a big challenge. With an uneven hand, amateur tattoos are done that becomes a challenge for removal but overall they are easy in removing.

Expectation after the Treatment

Post-treatment you will observe some symptoms like temporary darkness, redness, pinpoint bleeding, raising of the tattoo, swelling, and blisters. These are common and usually disappear after a few weeks.

Becoming aware of Side Effects

The most common side effect is lightening or darkening of the skin termed as either hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation. After treatment, this will diminish after six to twelve months. Textural changes in the skin, burns, infection, and scars (including keloid scarring) are also potential risks.

There will be a dark effect

Some ink used in cosmetic tattoos include colors that contain white ink may oxidize or darken immediately after treatment due to the presence of titanium oxide. With further treatments, this can be corrected. These inks contain iron which turns gray or dark color. In the interim, the area will be darkened but with multiple treatments in due course, it will fully resolve.

You should ask questions and check the before and after photos

The best tattoo removal near me always performs laser tattoo removal with safety procedures as they are done by a qualified surgeon or technician. During the consultation, feel free to ask about the numerous potential side effects and risks based on your treatment and skin types. Make sure that you are going through different images before and after treatment of various clients having similar tattoos and skin types.