Three Tips to Keep Creativity Flowing

Imaginary and fiction characters such as superman, spider man and the recent Harry potter have created ripples all over the world, not just attracting the infants and kindergarten kids, but making people of all ages, genders wait anxiously and eagerly for the release of the next book or movie based on these heroes. Well, these imaginary characters have helped their creators make billions or even more money from around the world making lot of business sense. Success requires you to think wild, cater to the fantasies of your audience so you achieve success.

Creativity makes lot of business sense, however odd and weird the imaginary thought may sound in the beginning of its conception. Innovate products; ideas have all come from such weird thinking, starting from the newton’s laws of gravity. Such ideas are important for every aspect of life, and they change our lifestyles, completely.

Whether you are a creative professional – a writer, designer, poet, etc. – an entrepreneur, or just an amateur you often face creative block that forces you to stare at something vague, blank paper, when trying to be different and special. Many factors can lead you to run out of creative ideas sometime a difficult situation may lead you to just wonder how to come up with a unique solution and some other times issues such as lack of motivation, no new projects, a tough client, etc. creates a blank space in your creative mind.

Over the years scientists, entrepreneurs, and individuals have used random techniques to keep the flow of creativity training. However, with the passage of time, and the growth of competition among businesses, individuals have stressed the importance of the development of a systematic approach and process to ensure the regular and constant flow of creative ideas. Here are top 3 tips to keep the regular flow of ideas and imagination that leads to innovation and business success.

  • Brainstorming:  Regular brainstorming sessions will help unleash the creative ideas, the power of imagination among your employees. Asking employees to come up with unique solutions and ideas for an existing problem or to help grow business is a good practice that helps exchange of ideas. It is important to conduct such sessions more often so every employee gets a chance to present his or her ideas, and help develop such ideas into concrete actionable plans. A simple thought, a joke at such sessions can develop into a successful business idea for your company.
  • Challenge your employees: Inviting your employees to find a unique solution or develop a better process by giving them flexibility in selecting the tools, and methods will help develop new and innovative methods that make your business stand out from the competition. Such a task requires more freedom for employees, and allowing them to take risks, experiment without the fear of failure. Creativity inherently carries a risk of failure, but that should not deter your quest for unique and different approaches to problem.
  • Encourage a new hobby: Encourage people to have fun and stay active, without putting much stress. You can use many stress buster techniques based on their preferences, you can organize small picnics, tours, encourage them to go on small walks around the campus, or make room for other cultural activities that help them relieve stress and think of new and different ideas that can help provide solutions to the existing problems.

Creativity, the basis for innovation, requires you to think out of the box, and the ability to connect the dots. It requires you to see the bigger picture, have risk taking abilities and not be afraid of failures, as creative ideas often have higher risk of failure; it is more about experimenting with imaginary and new ideas, most of which sounds very weird in the beginning of conception of such ideas.

You need to be able to connect the dots in a process and try out various ways to bring out the right combination of process and products that bring about success to your organization or to you, if you are an individual.

Creativity is uniqueness of thought, and an important element that helps you stand out from the crowd. Without this important ingredient, you cannot develop innovative processes or products to attract your target audience and as such, it becomes hard to find success, in any sphere, in the modern competitive world. The challenge is to keep your creative juices flowing all the time, so you outdo your competition and stay ahead of the race.