Is Creativity Essential for Business?

Any dictionary will describe creativity as “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something”, however in the practical world, the meaning of creativity changes with the field it is applied in. The concept of creativity has many dimensions. You might not generate something tangible with your innovative thinking but may come with a creative solution to a tough problem in business. Such inventive thinking will also come under the umbrella of creativity.

What is Creativity in Business

We come face to face with the concept of creativity many times in a day – be it listening about creative people, appreciating creative art or reading creative books. Yet, we often fail to understand the true meaning of creativity. The ability to organize your thoughts systematically and understanding the subject well is also a part of creative thinking.

Creativity in business is a perfect amalgamation of imagination, vision, empathy and innovation. This blend helps an organization to create value and come up with inspiring ideas. Whether it is broad strategic thinking or solving tactical problems, coming up with fresh and diverse ideas on a subject is essential. But coming up with ideas is not a chance process, they only appear when you are actually looking for them. People who are not curious or inquisitive will never come up with any new and imaginative ideas. This is the reason why it is said that creativity is the most imperative quality in any leader.

Here are just a few ways in which creativity can be useful in business:

• For enhancing the image of the product in front of the customers

• For finding ways to boost team morale

• For effectual time management

• For discovering cost effective production methods

• For identifying profitable market prospects

Despite of this, only a few organizations realize the importance of original thinking and do not offer their employees the room or opportunities they need to be really creative.

How can Creative Workshops Help

Unlocking creative potential of employees is the key for achieving economic growth in the present day business market. Many companies often call in qualified speakers to inspire their employees. But more often than not, these conferences turn out to be very boring and completely mind-numbing. Instead, of such dreary speeches, creative writing workshops come up with interesting training programs that offer various challenges in strategy development, product design, service ideation, team development, organizational efficacy, time management and communications. By doing these tasks individually and collectively, the participants learn to see from varied perspectives and apply their thinking in real time. Professionals from various work fields like marketing, advertising, management, IT, healthcare, education, law, architecture, scientific research, finance, etc. can benefit immensely from such workshops.

Though, some people think that creativity is an in-born talent, but in fact it is a skill that can be developed and enhanced by constant practice. Here are some everyday tips that will help improve your creative ability:

1. Surround yourself with creative, imaginative and innovative people. The kind of company you keep greatly affects your thinking ability.

2. Keep studying new techniques related to your profession. This will help you in getting inspired and coming up with new ideas.

3. Keep a notebook with you at all times to scribble all the ideas that you come across. You never know when you will be hit by a brainwave!

4. Change and transformation can also spark new ideas. Try opting for a new hobby or changing your work desk to get a fresh perspective.

5. Clear the clutter to think more clearly. Sometimes arranging physical things systematically can also help you organize your thoughts.

6. While adrenaline from a little exercise can boost your creativity, even meditation can help relax your mind and enhance your creative level.

7. Avoid working at all times as that can put a full stop on your imagination. Your brain is like a machine – it needs a break or it might overheat!

8. Last but not the least; spend some time with young children. As kids are free from usual prejudices and preconceived notions, they are able to see what adult eyes may miss. They can make you view things from an all new perspective.

So, workout those thinking muscles and enhance your creativity to make your business grow better and more profitable!